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OpenID Connect & JWT: Identity as a Service for your Apps

Higher signups & conversion for your apps – add login with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn – learn how

Created by Matthias Biehl | 6.5 hours on-demand video course

This course offers an introduction to API Security with OpenID Connect. In 7 hours you will gain an overview of the capabilities of OpenID Connect and OAuth. You will learn the core concepts of OpenID Connect. You will get to know all 3 OpenID Connect flows that are used in cloud solutions and mobile apps. This course explains OpenID Connect in simple terms. The three OpenID Connect flows are visualized graphically using sequence diagrams. The diagrams are then animated so you get to know the interactions step by step and see the big picture of the various OpenID Connect interactions. This high-level overview is complemented with a rich set of example requests and responses and an explanation of the technical details.

What you’ll learn

  • Use OpenID Connect – simple and convenient signup for your users, higher conversion and more sales for you
  • Build Social Login Screens (e.g. Login with your Google Account)
  • Validate OpenID Connect Tokens – ensure users are who they say they are – cryptographically.
  • Understand how OpenID Connect works – no more confusion about tokens, endpoints, interactions
  • Apply OpenID Connect correctly – our step-by-step guide will make it as easy as possible for you.
  • Select the appropriate OpenID Connect flow for your app – so you profit from OpenID Connect to the max!

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