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MySQL For Beginners: Real Database Experience Real Fast

Learn SQL Concepts Through Simple Examples

Created by Brad Schiff | 8 hours on-demand video course

Understanding how databases work is a huge advantage for just about every career path. Whether you’re interested in marketing, account management, research, programming or countless other fields; being able to leverage a database is incredibly powerful. In this course we will:

  • Learn why it’s worth your time and effort to learn about databases
  • Install MySQL on your personal computer
  • Understand how to design and structure a database for your project’s needs
  • Practice querying for the exact information you need
  • Use aggregate functions to perform useful actions on large sets of data
  • Relate different parts of the database together in powerful ways
  • Write SQL queries for two course projects together; step by step
  • Gain confidence that our new database skills are in demand and incredibly transferrable

What you’ll learn

  • How to design your own new databases
  • How to query existing databases for the exact information you want
  • The SQL syntax without obsessive, robotic memorization
  • How to avoid common mistakes that result in slow performance

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