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MongoDB Database Developer Course In Python

Learn the powerful features of one of the most popular document-oriented database using Python code.

Created by Raymond Andrade | 9 hours on-demand video course

In the evolving technology industry, data has become “King”. Whether you are running a simple ecommerce website or trying to train complex neural network models, the skills to manage large amounts of data in your software applications are constantly growing in demand.

So to rise to the challenge, this course we will cover the powerful features of the MongoDB database using the Python programming language. Whether you are a complete beginner to databases, or wanting to learn how to optimize your current dataset, this course has something for anyone looking to learn more about managing datasets in MongoDB within their Python applications.

Whether you are a aspiring App Developer, or a Big-Data Enthusiast. You will come to find the features in MongoDB will help expedite your projects’ data management. The growing popularity of NoSQL applications make Mongo DB one of the best frameworks to learn.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn general knowledge about using databases with your applications
  • Learn about the features available in MongoDB
  • Learn how to create Python applications to interact with your own MongoDB Database
  • Learn system administration concepts for managing and scaling your MongoDB systems

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