Microsoft Sentinel – From Zero to Hero

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Microsoft Sentinel - From Zero to Hero Udemy Coupon

Microsoft Sentinel – From Zero to Hero

Learn Microsoft Sentinel | Hands-on experience in your own free Azure environment | Elevate your SOC career

Created by Christopher Nett | 5 hours on-demand video course

Microsoft Sentinel – From Zero to Hero, is a meticulously structured Udemy course aimed at IT professionals seeking to master Microsoft Sentinel for superior threat detection, response, and security architecture. This course meticulously walks you through the initial setup to advanced implementation with real-world applications.

By learning Microsoft Sentinel, you’re gaining proficiency in a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform that’s crucial for modern cybersecurity.

What you’ll learn in Microsoft Sentinel Course

  • Learn Sentinel in Depth
  • Discover how to deploy and manage Sentinel
  • Learn how to utilize Cyber Threat Intelligence in Sentinel
  • Understand how to build Detections with Analytic Rules
  • Understand the Basics of KQL
  • Learn how to ingest Logs with Data Connectors
  • Learn how to build complex Automations and SOAR
  • Discover how to visualize data with Watchlists
  • Learn Advanced Sentinel concepts such as IaC and Notebooks
  • Discover how to use MITRE AT&CK for SOC Operations

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Key Features:

  • Introduction: Establish a strong foundation with an overview of Microsoft Sentinel
  • Architecture: Delve into the structural design of Microsoft Sentinel for scalable solutions
  • Deployment: Step-by-step guidance on deploying Microsoft Sentinel effectively
  • Log Analytics: Master the art of log analytics for insightful data interpretation
  • Data Connectors: Learn how to integrate various data sources with Sentinel connectors
  • Threat Management: Equip yourself with strategies for proactive threat management
  • Threat Hunting: Develop skills to actively seek out and neutralize potential threats
  • Threat Intelligence: Integrate and leverage threat intelligence for informed security measures
  • UEBA: Understand User and Entity Behavior Analytics for advanced anomaly detection
  • MITRE ATT&CK: Apply MITRE ATT&CK framework for comprehensive threat modeling
  • Automation & SOAR: Automate responses and orchestrate security operations with SOAR
  • Workbooks: Create and manage workbooks for dynamic security reporting
  • Watchlists: Utilize watchlists to monitor and track security threats
  • Notebooks: Utilize Jupyter Notebooks for advanced data analysis and threat hunting leveraging MSTICPy
  • Cost Optimization: Learn techniques to optimize costs while maintaining security efficiency
  • Repositories and IaC for Sentinel: Manage code for Sentinel using Infrastructure as Code methodologies
  • Azure Lighthouse: Explore multi-tenant management with Azure Lighthouse
  • Azure ARC with Azure Monitor Agent: Extend Sentinel capabilities across different environments with Azure ARC
  • Azure OpenAI & ChatGPT: Integrate cutting-edge AI with Sentinel for enhanced security insights
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