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MERN Stack Project Course 2023 – Build Fullstack React App

Learn MERN Stack By Building an Advanced E-commerce App incl. Product Attributes, SocketIO, Real Time Chat, Charts & More

Created by Robert Apollo | 27 hours on-demand video course

In this course, you will learn the MERN Stack by building an amazing e-commerce application from scratch. The application will have not only basic functionalities such as a shopping cart and product search, but also advanced things such as chat, real-time sales charts, product attributes (e.g. product color to choose from), creating testable components in React and other things (see free videos and curriculum).

MERN Stack is a very popular development kit for building web applications. MERN consists of MongoDB (as a database), Express (a framework to make it easier to use Node), React (to create user interfaces), and Node (as a server). You will learn how to combine all four technologies together and build an advanced fully responsive e-commerce application step by step.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How To Combine MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS (MERN Stack)
  • How To Create Fullstack Web Applications (Frontend + Backend) From Scratch Using MERN Stack
  • How To Create Testable and Maintainable React Components
  • How To Test Your App using Jest & Postman/Insomnia
  • Understand Redux With Real Life Scenarios
  • Create Real Time Chat and Chart
  • Much much more

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MERN Stack Course 2023 – MongoDB, Express, React and NodeJS

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