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Mastering Authentication Vulnerabilities – Ultimate Course

How to Find, Exploit and Defend Against Authentication Vulnerabilities. For Ethical Hackers, Developers & Pentesters

Created by David Bombal, Rana Khalil | 3.5 hours on-demand video course

Authentication flaws are among the most critical security risks facing web applications today. Exploiting this type of vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access, bypassing authentication controls, and potential data breaches. Therefore, mastering the ability to identify and exploit authentication vulnerabilities has become an essential and foundational skill.

In this Mastering Authentication Vulnerabilities – Ultimate Course, we dive into the technical details behind authentication vulnerabilities, the different types of authentication vulnerabilities you may encounter depending on the authentication mechanism that the application is using, how to find these types of vulnerabilities from a black-box perspective and the different ways to exploit authentication vulnerabilities. We also cover how to prevent and mitigate these types of vulnerabilities.

This is not your average course that just teaches you the basics of authentication flaws. This Mastering Authentication Vulnerabilities – Ultimate Course contains over 3 hours worth of HD content that not only describes the technical details behind authentication vulnerabilities, but also contains 14 labs that give you hands-on experience exploiting real-world examples. The labs are of varying difficulty levels starting with really simple examples and slowly moving up in difficulty. You’ll gain experience in cracking and brute-forcing user passwords, enumerating usernames, exploiting logic flaws in authentication mechanisms, bypassing 2FA authentication and much more!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to find vulnerabilities in authentication mechanisms.
  • Learn how to exploit authentication vulnerabilities of varying difficulty levels.
  • Gain hands-on experience exploiting authentication vulnerabilities using Burp Suite Community and Professional editions.
  • Learn how to automate attacks in Python.
  • Learn secure coding practices to implement proper authentication mechanisms.

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