Master Laravel PHP with basic to advance project: Jobportal Udemy coupons

Master Laravel PHP with basic to advance project: Jobportal

A PHP framework. Learn to make real world apps with Laravel . Learn to make a job portal web application.

Created by Ranjeet Karki | 22 hours on-demand video course

In this course we are making a job portal with Laravel 6 ( Popular PHP framework). If you are thinking to work as a PHP developer ,Laravel has become the crucial need for company so you need to know it .Imagine about satisfaction that will get when we learnt much and make a complete application that really matters. In your life you have might visited various job portal websites and applied for the position. In this course we will together make a similar kind of job portal that you used to use frequently to hunt a job in your life.

What you’ll learn

  • The basic of Laravel such as installation, routing, template, controller, model, migration,seeder etc
  • You will learn Relationships in Laravel.
  • You will make your first crud app with Laravel
  • You will make Restful Api
  • You will make Gallery app with Laravel and Jquery
  • You will make a job portal app with Laravel and we will use Vue js for better user experience
  • You will learn blade template in Laravel
  • You will learn Collections in Laravel
  • You will learn Helpers in Laravel
  • You will make your own job portal app. You can start your own jobportal company with this app.

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