Master Laravel PHP in 2019 for Beginners and Intermediate

Master Laravel PHP in 2019 for Beginners and Intermediate

Get from zero to proficiency in Laravel PHP Framework in one week! Course for beginners and intermediate students!

Created by Piotr Jura | 30 hours on-demand video course

Learn Laravel with this brand new course covering Laravel from A-Z for beginners! So far I’ve created 3 courses on Udemy and all of them were about Symfony. I have 7500+ happy students and my courses are Best Sellers in the Symfony category. It’s time for a new, detailed as no other Laravel course on Udemy!

Laravel is becoming the most popular choice among PHP developers these days. It’s easiest to start with, most fun to use and very performant tool and ecosystem of tools, that just let’s you get the job done.

Let’s be honest, Web Development became Rocket Science. Before you set up your environment, all the required libraries, tools and settings – it can be a week before you can write a “Hello World” program. Laravel is different. It just works. Out of the box, with sensible defaults. It let’s you use all modern techniques and tools of Web Development with ease. Let’s see:

  • Sending E-mails? Checked
  • Service Container? Checked
  • Queues and Background Processing? Checked
  • Web Sockets? Checked
  • Powerful Database Abstraction? Checked
  • Database Migrations? Checked
  • Database seeding (generating fake data)? Checked
  • Powerful MVC abstraction? Checked
  • Powerful Filesystem abstraction (local file system, Amazon S3)? Checked
  • Caching (Redis, Memcached)? Checked
  • Handling sessions? Checked
  • Serializing to JSON? Checked
  • Authentication (User Registration, Logging in)? Checked
  • Authorization (User Permissions)? Checked
  • Event based applications? Checked

Laravel screenshot
success 100%

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