Master calculus 1 using Python derivatives and applications

Master calculus 1 using Python: derivatives and applications

Develop a deep understanding and intuition for calculus. Solve problems and implement algorithms by hand and in Python.

Created by Mike X Cohen | 41.5 hours on-demand video course

The beauty and importance of calculus. Calculus is a beautiful topic in mathematics. No, really! At its heart, calculus is about change. Life is full of change, and calculus is the language that humans developed (invented or discovered — that’s an ongoing debate!) to understand how physical, biological, and abstract systems change. Calculus is more than just some equations you have to memorize; it’s a way of looking at the world and trying to understand how the tiniest infinitesimal changes can lead to gigantic complexity bigger than the imagination. OK, but aside from all that fluff, calculus is also really important for basically every piece of engineering and digital technology that has touched humanity. Indeed, the history of calculus is the history of civilization.

What you’ll learn

  • Differential calculus
  • Mathematical functions (rational, polynomial, transcendantal, trig)
  • Limits and tricks for solving limits problems
  • Differentiation rules
  • Tips and tricks for differentiation
  • Proofs
  • Python (numpy and sympy)
  • Numerical processing
  • Applied calculus
  • Visualizing math functions (matplotlib)

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