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Learn the Advanced Professional Python Programming

Learn to make Real time Advance Level Applications using Advance Level Concepts in Python

Created by Data Science Academy | 21 hours on-demand video course

In this course, our main focus will be on learning the advance level stuff in Python Programming Language. My main focus is that you not only learn these advance level concepts but you can use them to make advance level applications in Python. I will assume that you know the basics of Python Programming Language and you are here to learn only the Advance Level Programming in Python. As grabbing the main concept behind Advance Topics is not simple therefor, special attention is given to the intuition part of each concept where we gonna understand these concepts with proper animated slides. The implementation is done by real time examples so that you can best use the concept.

Also not only understanding these advance concepts are important but to make something real out of it is very important or else there is no reason to learn Advance Programming therefor we will also make real time Advance level Applications in Python using Advance level concepts that we have covered in this course. We have made couple of GUI Based Advanced Level Applications in Python.

What you’ll learn

  • Advance Level Concepts in Python
  • Real Time Advance Level Applications in Python
  • Intuition behind each Advance Level Concepts

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