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JavaScript Practice Problems: Sharpen Your Skills

Multiple JavaScript problems to help keep your skills sharp and provide needed practice.

Created by Steven Hancock | 3 hours on-demand video course

The purpose of this course is to provide multiple different JavaScript problems that will require you to apply different concepts in order to create a final solution. Then you are able to view additional solutions to aid in the learning of important JavaScript concepts.

Choose a problem; download the files; watch the introduction video and then code the solution. Once you are ready, watch the solution video for one or more possible solutions and explanation of the JavaScript concepts that are involved in the solution.

This is the process used in this course to help sharpen your skills and give you the chance to apply important JavaScript concepts. As multiple solutions are frequently provided for certain problems, you will also learn to apply JavaScript concepts you have not considered in the past.

What you’ll learn

  • Sharpen your general JavaScript skills.
  • Test your knowledge of different aspects of JavaScript.
  • Learn multiple solutions to JavaScript problems.
  • Gain unique ways to solve certain JavaScript problems.
  • Gain experience in multiple JavaScript techniques.

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