How to Start a Career in Data Science 2023 Udemy Coupon

How to Start a Career in Data Science 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Data Science Career: Create a Project Portfolio, Build Your Resume, Get an Interview

Created by 365 Careers, Ken Jee | 4.5 hours on-demand video course

Data science jobs are hyper-competitive. For each position, there are multiple other highly qualified candidates eyeing the same role. It is like you are all competing for a $100,000+ prize. If you frame it this way, wouldn’t you want to go the extra mile? By taking this course, you will be doing just that. You will learn valuable information that can give you a much-needed edge over other candidates. What better way to approach data science job hunting than learning from the experience of someone who is an actual data scientist and has recruited data scientists for his team? Ken Jee, your instructor for this course, is one of the most popular YouTubers focusing on data science. Over 70k people follow his YouTube channel. He has worked for several companies: consulting (Scouts Consulting Group), start-ups (GoHealth), and conglomerates like GE. In this course, he will be your private tutor offering a structured approach to landing a data science career.

What you’ll learn

  • How to land a job in data science
  • Create your data science project portfolio
  • Build your resume
  • Get an interview through Networking
  • Succeed during the phone interview
  • Solve the take home test
  • Ace the behavioral and technical questions

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