Generative AI Masterclass: Beginners to Expert

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Deal Score+5
Generative AI Masterclass: Beginners to Expert Udemy Coupon

Generative AI Masterclass: Beginners to Expert

Master: Basics of AI, Job Hunting, Freelancing, Leadership, Content Creation, AI Automation, AI Tools

Created by Yash Takker | 6 hours on-demand video course

The ‘Generative AI Masterclass 2024‘, a comprehensive and in-depth course designed to empower a wide range of professionals – from digital marketers, business leaders, and freelancers, to tech enthusiasts, creatives in multimedia, strategists, planners, and project managers. This masterclass is your gateway to mastering the art and science of generative AI, equipping you with the skills to navigate and excel in an AI-driven landscape.

The course unfolds over ten meticulously structured sections, each tailored to provide a deep dive into various facets of AI. Starting with a solid foundation, the first section introduces you to the world of AI, setting the stage for more advanced explorations.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain proficiency in ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 for advanced text creation and blog writing, harnessing its capabilities for generating engaging and relevant content.
  • Explore Generative AI for Marketing Use cases to automate Social Media, SEO, Podcasts, Content Writing, YouTube, Repurpose, Product Pages and a lot more
  • Adapt to the future of work influenced by AI, by following key rules and strategies that ensure success in an AI-dominated landscape.
  • Leverage AI to improve your Job hunting & Freelancing efforts – Get more jobs, opportunities by doing things right
  • Navigate through Midjourney setup and usage, mastering its features for innovative image and design creations.
  • Deep dive into Claude 2, understanding its distinct features as a ChatGPT alternative, and how to leverage it for enhanced text generation.
  • Understand Generative AI, GANs, VAEs, RNNs, and Transformers, and their distinct roles and applications in the current AI landscape.
  • Discover the business applications of AI, learning how to integrate AI tools like chatbots into your business strategy for improved customer engagement.
  • Explore BING’s Image Generator (DALLE-3), Midjourney for creating unique and compelling visual content, perfect for digital marketing and creative projects.
  • Identify the top AI tools suitable for your business or personal needs, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI technology sphere.
  • Learn the nuances of Bard as a versatile ChatGPT alternative, and how it can enhance your content creation strategy across various platforms.
  • Master RunwayML, SNAPY and PIKA for AI-driven video generation, learning how to automate ad creation and produce high-quality video content.
  • Explore Eleven Labs for AI-powered audio and narration, enhancing your multimedia content with lifelike audio experiences.

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Who this course is for:

  • Digital Marketers and Content Creators: Professionals looking to leverage AI for creating engaging text, images, and videos, optimizing social media and SEO efforts.
  • Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Individuals seeking to understand and apply AI in various business scenarios, from customer engagement to product development.
  • Freelancers and Job Seekers: Those aiming to enhance their job hunting and freelancing opportunities through AI-powered tools and strategies.
  • Tech Enthusiasts and Developers: Individuals interested in the technical aspects of AI, such as learning about GANs, VAEs, and coding with AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard.
  • Creatives in Multimedia: Artists, designers, and creators focusing on innovative multimedia content using tools like RunwayML, SNAPY, PIKA, and Eleven Labs.
  • Strategists and Planners: Professionals looking to integrate AI into their business models, strategies, and workflows for improved efficiency and innovation.
  • Lifelong Learners and AI Hobbyists: Anyone with an interest in staying abreast of the latest AI tools and technologies, understanding their applications and potential impact.
  • Project Managers and Analysts: Individuals seeking to optimize project management and analysis with AI tools, enhancing their ability to estimate timelines, budgets, and resources.
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