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GCP Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification

Pass Google Cloud Professional DevOps Certification with 12+ Hours of HD quality video and 70+ Hands-on Practical labs

Created by Ankit Mistry, GCP Certification – Google Cloud Academy | Associate Cloud & Professional Engineer Certifications | 12.5 hours on-demand video course

Google Cloud Platform GCP is Fastest growing Public cloud. Professional Cloud DevOps certification is the one which help you to advance your career in Cloud Computing & learn about DevOps, CI CD pipeline in the context of GCP. Welcome to my course on Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification, Which is one of most updated best course on internet. This course has 12 Hours of insanely great video content with 70 hands-on Lab (Most Practical Course)

What you’ll learn

  • Pass Google cloud professional devops certification
  • Learn Google cloud services for devops
  • Implementing CI/CD pipeline with GCP services
  • All slides & code is available to download
  • Setup devops CI/CD pipeline with CSR, cloud build, container registry
  • Dive into monitoring & Logging services for better resources management
  • Implement 5 CI/CD pipeline with complete hands-on demo
  • Secure container deployment with container scanning & binary Authorization
  • Learn devops and SRE best practices & principal

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