Functional & Reactive programming in Java Modern Style Udemy coupons

Functional & Reactive programming in Java : Modern Style

Java Programming MasterClass, Design Patterns, Data Structures, Lambda, Streams, Collectors, Collections, Optionals & RxJava

Created by Basics Strong | 21 hours on-demand video course

Best in Class Course to learn Advanced Java Concepts –

  1. Functional Programming
  2. Reactive Programming
  3. Optional wrapper to null
  4. Functional Data Structures
  5. Functional Design Patterns
  6. Streams and Parallel Streams
  7. Stream and Parallel Streams Deep Dive
  8. Collectors
  9. Collectors how they work internally
  10. Functional Data Structures
  11. Collections in Functional Way
  12. Reactive Java
  13. RxJava 3.x

This is a Very detailed Course on the subject of Reactive and Functional Programming with a lot of programming practice. We have covered all the prospective like Data Structures, Design Patterns, Collections in Functional Programming. This is a must-have course for Developers or professionals who wants to understand the Concepts in Deep. Hope you will find the content useful, we have designed the course in a way so that you can immediately use the learning in your next project.

What you’ll learn

  • Functional Programming in Java
  • Reactive Programming In Java
  • Streams and Parallel Streams how they work under the Hood
  • Collectors and How Collectors Works under the Hood
  • RxJava 3.0
  • Functional Data Structures
  • Collections in Functional Way
  • Advanced Concepts of Java Like Optional and Much More

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