Forex and Crypto Trading Technical Analysis MasterCourse Udemy Coupons

Forex and Crypto Trading Technical Analysis MasterCourse

Learn How To Trade Like Professionals. Boost Your Success in Forex Trading, Crypto and Stock Market. (50+ Real Examples)

Created by Ibozi Trading | 7.5 hours on-demand video course

Trading has always been an attractive and tempting field but apparently the success rate is not high. Have you ever wondered why 90% of traders lose money in Forex market? There is a technical side(visible) and invisible side behind “trading”. The problem is most of the people ignores the invisible side.

In this course you will have chance to answer all of these questions. As two professional traders who hold FTMO and PROP trading funded accounts, we would like to prepare this comprehensive trading course that includes all the aspects of trading. Our aim is to put our favourite strategies one step ahead, by combining the discipline, psychology and by teaching how to create the most efficient trading setups. In the course, we focused on simplicity and kept all the concepts clear and understandable. Moreover, we supported all the concepts with live examples. We structured the course step by step. First, we covered the fundamental parts and then focused on advanced techniques to increase your odds.

What you’ll learn

  • Trading Terminologies
  • Logic of Forex and Crypto Trading
  • Guideline to Determine Your Trading Profile and Risk Appetite
  • Support and Resistance Lines
  • Breakout Trades
  • Pullback Trades
  • Fake Breaks
  • Advanced Concepts in Price Action Trading
  • Chart Formations
  • Indicators (RSI, Stochastic, Momentum, MA, Fibonacci)
  • Divergence
  • The Rules of Using Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Trailing Stop Loss Usage
  • Game Plan – How To Control Your Emotions
  • Calculating Optimum Position Size
  • Managing Drawdown Periods
  • Using Leverage Effectively
  • Choosing Currencies for Effective Portfolio
  • Order Types
  • How to Choose Brokers
  • Trading Psychology
  • 50+ Live Examples

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