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Data Structures & Algorithms – JavaScript

The ultimate JavaScript coding interview bootcamp

Created by Scott Barret | 6.5 hours on-demand video course

This course is different. After each line of code, an animation of the data structure or algorithm is updated to show exactly what that line of code did. The animations provide some huge advantages to students: Increased understanding of the concepts, Greater rate of retention, The material can be covered in a fraction of the time. That means that you can actually learn more material in less time and have higher retention of the material. That is the key combination of factors to prepare you for the technical interview that lands you your dream job! I invite you to watch a few of the videos in this course to see what I mean. The difference will be noticeable right away! I spent over a year to create this course with the goal that an absolute beginner can take it and understand all of the concepts the first time through.

What you’ll learn

  • Confidently answer technical interview questions
  • Mastery of Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Land your dream job
  • Strengthen your skills as a developer

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