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Data Analysts Toolbox: Excel, Python, Power BI, PivotTables

Learn Advanced Pivot Tables, Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI, and Python in this four-course bundle

Created by Simon Sez IT | 29 hours on-demand video course

In business, being able to understand, harness, and use data is no longer a skill reserved for a handful of well-paid analysts. It’s becoming an essential part of many roles. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. There is a growing set of tools designed to make data analysis accessible to everyone, in this huge-value, four-course Data Analysts Toolbox bundle we look in detail at three of those tools: Excel, Python, and Power BI.

In isolation Excel, Python, and Power BI are useful and powerful. Learn all three and you are well on your way to gaining a much deeper understanding of how to perform complex data analysis. This Data Analysts Toolbox bundle is aimed at intermediate Excel users who are new to Python and Power BI. All courses include practice exercises so you can put into practice exactly what you learn.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create amazing looking dashboards using Pivot Tables
  • Advanced data analysis techniques
  • How to do a PivotTable (a quick refresher)
  • How to format a PivotTable, including adjusting styles
  • Advanced Sorting and Filtering in PivotTables
  • How to use 3D Maps from a PivotTable
  • How to update your data in a PivotTable and Pivot Chart
  • Advanced Sorting and Filtering in PivotTables
  • Analyze huge buckets of data to make informed business decisions
  • Become confident cleaning, sorting and linking data from various sources
  • How to create stunning, interactive dashboards with Power BI
  • How to share your analysis and dashboards using Power BI Online
  • To import CSV and Excel files into Power BI Desktop
  • All about DAX including using the COUTROWS, CALCULATE, and SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR functions
  • All about using the card visual to create summary information
  • How to create amazing visuals, such as clustered column charts, maps, and trend graphs
  • How to use Slicers to filter your reports
  • How to edit the interactions between your visualizations and filter at visualization, page, and report level
  • Put their skills into practice with a real Python project
  • What is Python and why was it created
  • How Python fits into the diverse ecosystem of programming languages.
  • The basic data types in Python – Strings, Integers, Floats, and Boolean
  • All about Pythons built-in functions
  • How to debug errors in Python
  • How Variables and Functions work in Python
  • How to use IF-Else Statements in Python
  • All about storing complex data, including Lists and Dictionaries
  • How to install Python locally
  • How to write your first script in Python

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