Cypress with Cucumber BDD - Beginner to Expert in 9 Hours! Udemy Coupons

Cypress with Cucumber BDD – Beginner to Expert in 9 Hours!

Learn how to created automated UI tests using Cypress with Behaviour Driven Development using Cucumber BDD

Created by Gianni Bruno | 9 hours of video course

This course uses the latest versions of Cypress & Cucumber BDD [October 2022]. This course is designed to be quick, effective, efficient and easy to follow. I have been teaching for several years on Udemy with over 6 highly successful courses to date. I have refined this course using proven teaching techniques. This course is carefully structured from start to finish and I provide downloadable code examples after each coding lecture.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to build advanced automation tests for any Web Application using Cypress & Cucumber BDD.
  • Rapidly learn the importance of ‘Behavior Driven Development’ using Cucumber & Gherkin.
  • Learn how to combine two in demand technologies; Cypress & Cucumber BDD (Latest Versions).
  • Gain in depth knowledge of Cucumber’s Core Components; Scenario Outlines, Background Keyword, Tags and more.
  • Know why and when to use specific Gherkin Keywords such as ‘Feature’, ‘Given’, ‘When’, ‘And’, ‘Then’ and more!
  • Learn how to generate a Wide Range of Reports.
  • Learn Principles such as DRY (Don’t Repeat yourself) and more.
  • Learn Design Patterns such as POM (Page Object Modelling) & Custom Commands.
  • Leverage Jenkins (CI), easily execute Test Scenario’s based on Tags and Custom Scripts.
  • Leverage Jenkins to develop Sophisticated Reports and handle a multitude of run time options (Browser Selection etc).

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