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Learn Complete Hugging Face Bootcamp by Jose Portilla

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Deal Score+2

Udemy Coupon Code for Learn Hugging Face Bootcamp Course. Discover the power of open-source machine learning with Hugging Face! Explore transformers, diffusers, and more!

Created by Jose Portilla, Pierian Training | 9.5 hours on-demand video course

Complete Hugging Face Bootcamp Course Overview

Learn Complete Hugging Face Bootcamp

Unlock the Future of AI: Master Hugging Face & Open Source Machine Learning

Welcome to the Ultimate Journey in Cutting-Edge AI Technologies!

Dive into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence with our comprehensive course designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to harness the full potential of Hugging Face and other open-source machine learning tools. Whether you’re aiming to innovate in tech, enhance your career, or simply passionate about AI, this course is your gateway to becoming a part of the AI revolution.

Course Overview

Kickstart Your Adventure

  • Get introduced to the world of AI with an in-depth look at the course structure and what you can expect to achieve.

Exploring Hugging Face

  • Delve into Hugging Face, the cutting-edge platform revolutionizing AI development.
  • Learn the essentials of setting up your Hugging Face account, managing tokens, understanding models, and more.
  • Gain practical insights into using datasets and the ecosystem of Python packages critical for AI development.

Mastery Over NLP with Transformers

  • Explore the Transformers library to unleash powerful NLP capabilities.
  • Tackle real-world tasks like text classification, named entity recognition, and more using pipelines.
  • Deep dive into large language models (LLMs), from tokenization to text generation, and discover their fascinating applications.

The Art of Diffusion with the Diffusers Library

  • Step into the world of image generation with the Diffusers library.
  • From setting up diffusion models to generating breathtaking images, get hands-on experience in the entire workflow.
  • Learn the intricacies of models like U-net and techniques for effective image training.

Venturing into Video Models

  • Understand and apply cutting-edge video models like Stable Video Diffusion and AnimateDiff.
  • Discover innovative methods to bring static images to life and generate high-quality video content.

The Universe of Audio Models

  • Uncover the potential of audio in AI with modules dedicated to audio classification, transcription, and generation.
  • Learn the essential skills to handle and process complex audio data effectively.

Building Machine Learning GUIs with Gradio

  • Master the art of creating user-friendly machine learning interfaces using Gradio.
  • From simple components to complex interactive GUIs, learn to build applications that make your ML models accessible and practical.

Real-World Applications

  • Tech Innovators: Integrate advanced AI models into your projects or start-ups to drive innovation.
  • Business Professionals: Enhance decision-making processes by implementing AI-driven solutions.
  • Creative Minds: Create stunning art, generate music, or develop interactive media and games using the skills acquired.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Hands-On Learning: Each section includes practical tasks and projects to consolidate learning and build your portfolio.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills: The curriculum is designed to equip you with skills highly sought after in the tech industry.
  • Community and Support: Gain exclusive access to a community of like-minded learners and industry experts.

Embrace the opportunity to transform the digital landscape with your creativity and expertise. Enroll now and start your journey towards mastering Hugging Face and open source machine learning!

What you’ll learn

  • Master Hugging Face’s platform, including models, datasets, and spaces.
  • Set up AI development environments with Hugging Face and Google Colab.
  • Use Transformers for NLP tasks like text classification and entity recognition.
  • Develop and train image generation models using the Diffusers library.
  • Apply cutting-edge video and audio models for media generation and analysis.
  • Build interactive AI applications with Gradio, making ML models user-friendly.
  • Understand and implement advanced techniques in large language models.
  • Initiate, manage, and deploy comprehensive machine learning projects.

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Who this course is for

  • Python developers wanting to learn Hugging Face platform

Taught by Jose Portilla

Josh Smith
Josh Smith

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