Complete Azure FinOps Masterclass - Ultimate Cost Savings! Udemy Coupon

Complete Azure FinOps Masterclass – Ultimate Cost Savings!

Best Practice real-world cloud computing cost optimization strategies to save in the Microsoft Azure cloud with FinOps!!

Created by Justin Andre | 7 hours on-demand video course

This is a comprehensive & detailed video series that goes broader & deeper than other courses on this topic. Pound for pound, the most thorough coverage of Azure Cost Optimization considerations. Your instructor is a FinOps expert with real-world cloud optimization results who is a certified cloud architect at the expert level in Azure Solution Architecture and professional level in AWS Solution Architecture.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn 100’s of strategic & tactical cost optimizations across Microsoft Azure services such as Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, Databases & more
  • Master real-world techniques from a Cloud FinOps expert with Azure Expert & AWS Professional certifications who’s saved $10M+ in cloud spend
  • Become a cost-saving hero at your company by capitalizing on $100B+ worldwide cloud waste savings opportunity
  • Build a roadmap to save your company 30% or more on your Azure cloud bill
  • Upskill & start a career in the flourishing field of FinOps & Cloud Cost Management & Optimization
    Analyze & explain complex Azure service billing models, usage charges, invoices, meters
  • Implement FinOps principles & cloud operating models that lead to cultural change & sustainable cloud savings
  • Master the Azure commitment & discount models, Reservations, Savings Plans, Hybrid Benefits, Dev/Test Pricing, etc.
  • Create visibility into distributed cloud spending with advanced data analytics, dashboards & reporting
  • Understand & operate the Azure tooling for Estimating, Visualizing, Analyzing, Exporting, Budgeting, Monitoring, Alerting and more
  • Explain the key differences between on premise & cloud operating models that lead to waste
  • Understand, Forecast, Estimate & Budget your Microsoft Azure cloud OpEx spending
  • Identify key risks of cloud overspending so we can fix the root causes, not just the symptoms
  • Weave Cloud Architecture and Cloud Management best practices into Cloud Economic strategies
  • Apply Cost allocation strategies to create accountability for cloud spend with Showback & Chargeback
  • Leverage the variable, on demand, pay for use cost model of the cloud to prevent waste
  • Understand important concepts such as chargeback, showback, cost allocation, meters, spot, autoscaling, serverless, PaaS, Elasticity, Resizing….
  • …Overprovisioning, Orphan, Right-Sizing, Tiering, Anomaly Detection, Autoscaling, Spot, Instance Scheduling, Storage Lifecycles & more!
  • Understand why 94% of companies routinely waste money in the cloud & how to stop it
  • Modernize old procurement, purchasing and financial management processes built for legacy CapEx models
  • Understand Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service models (IaaS) relationship to cloud costs
  • Architect, Govern & Operate your cloud environment with cost-effective cloud-native PaaS services
  • Master Tagging, Subscriptions, Management Groups & Resource Groups hierarchies & organization
  • Cut cloud spending without affecting resiliency, availability, performance of apps
  • Principles taught in this course will contribute to your ability pass Microsoft Exams for certification like AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-305, DP-900
  • …and much, much more

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