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Common Lisp programming: from novice to effective developer

Learn the Lisp language, the tools and the ecosystem to become a productive and happy programmer.

Created by Vincent Dardel | 4 hours on-demand video course

Lisp the language is different than the Algol/C-like family of languages, and the Lisp development environments still offer unmatched capabilities: interactive, image-based development experience, while getting type warnings and errors at compile time in a fraction of a second, speed in the same group of C, Rust and Java (while sweating less to get to the result), while ensuring stability across decades, etc, etc, etc.

However, you are about to enter a big new world. There are rough edges, the information is sometimes spread apart and hard to discover, despite my continuous work on collaborative resources.

So, I gathered my knowledge and experience of more than five years of continuous reading, tweaking, writing, asking and answering questions, discovering libraries, trial and error, releasing open-source libraries and running commercial services into this series of videos.

We will learn the language, the tools, the most important pieces of the ecosystem, in order to be able to develop a Common Lisp software from the ground up. I will develop with Emacs and Slime (you can use Atom/Pulsar, Vim, VSCode, Sublime and more), we will learn the syntax, we will see all about functions and macros, all the iteration constructs, error and condition handling, the CLOS object system (upcoming), we’ll do some web development and we will build binaries and deploy our applications to production servers, etc.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Lisp language
  • Master the image-based, interactive Lisp workflow
  • Use Common Lisp for day-to-day scripting
  • Develop and deploy real-world applications
  • Learn functional constructs, error handling; will cover CLOS, macros and more

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