Building Web Applications with Go - Intermediate Level Udemy coupons

Building Web Applications with Go – Intermediate Level

Learn how to build a secure ecommerce application with Go (Golang)

Created by Trevor Sawler | 18.5 hours on-demand video course

This course is the followup to Building Modern Web Applications in Go. In this course, we go further than we did the first time around. We will build a sample E-Commerce application that consists of multiple, separate applications: a front end (which services content to the end user as web pages); a back end API (which is called by the front end as necessary), and a microservice that performs only one task, but performs it extremely well (dynamically building PDF invoices and sending them to customers as an email attachment).

What you’ll learn

  • How to build a front end website using Go
  • How to build a back end API using Go
  • How to build multiple applications from a single code base
  • How to build microservices in Go
  • User authentication in Go
  • API authentication using stateful tokens
  • How to allow users to reset a password in a safe, secure manner
  • How to integrate Stripe credit card processing with a Go back end
  • Make one time or recurring payments with Stripe
  • Best practices for making secure credit card transactions

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