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Cucumber Playwright TypeScript Automation Framework

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Build a Cucumber Playwright Typescript Automation Framework Udemy coupons

Cucumber Playwright TypeScript Automation Framework

Learn how to develop a world class Cucumber, Playwright & Typescript automation framework from the ground up.

Created by Cameron Bradley | 33 hours on-demand video course

This course has been designed to simulate a real-world experience in building a Cucumber, Playwright & TypeScript automation framework from the ground up for a fully-featured application. Upon completion, you will be able to apply your learnings and the automation framework you have built into your respective companies and projects. We are confident you will become an expert in building a world-class automation framework.

What you’ll learn

  • Setting up your local development environment.
  • Build and run our own locally running react application.
  • Creating our first automation test with cucumber, playwright and typescript.
  • Executing your automation test on your locally running application.
  • Deep dive into our first test and understand tagging, regex, step linking, cucumber params, element locators, developer tools and hooks.
  • Developing our understanding of Browser, Context and Page.
  • Adding your own unique element identifiers to the application code to enable more automation scenarios.
  • Setting up our automation framework to produce screenshots on test failure.
  • Implement Cucumber World to enable us to pass global variable and configuration within each scenarios separated context.
  • Leverage ENV files for better environment variable management.
  • Implement dynamic test configuration to provide more flexibility when running our cucumber scenarios.
  • Defining our element, page and host mappings in page specific .json files.
  • Introduce our own custom waitFor() function to add stability to our automation framework.
  • Adding a common ENV file to house all our common configuration across our automation framework.
  • Setup cucumber html reporter to report on our test suite results.
  • Reuse our waitFor to help stabilise and validate page has loaded before moving onto the next step.
  • Use the amazing debugging tools that Playwright provides, like Playwright Inspector.
  • Advanced chrome developer tool learnings like console logs and break points.
  • Automating Links, Buttons and Elements at specific index.
  • Automating Tables and asserting on an exact match between our Cucumber DataTable and the UI.
  • Automating Switches, Cards & Avatars.
  • Automating Drop Down Menus and Select Boxes.
  • Adding the ability to refresh our page during an automation test.
  • Automating Browser Alerts, Page Alerts and Tooltips.
  • Automating Text Areas and Hidden & Visible Text.
  • Automating stored values and expected values.
  • Preparing our automation suite for production Automation Suite Runs.
  • Running our automation on a production environment.
  • Storing login details in environment specific ENV files.
  • Leverage Example Tables from Cucumber to run scenarios on specific environments.
  • Emulate devices for our automation suite to run on leveraging Playwright Devices.
  • Introduce the ability to customise our console logs for errors, logs and debug and off.
  • Adding the ability to customise our automation failure errors.
  • Develop our own waitForSelector function that better integrated with our waitFor function.
  • Refactor our assertion and interaction steps for better stability and consistency.
  • Leverage random data in our automation suite form steps.
  • Demonstrate how quickly automation can be added with our world class automation framework.
  • Tagging our suite for @smoke and @regression in preparation for CI.
  • Learn to intercept responses with playwright and mock out our own custom responses.
  • Implement an accessibility automation testing suite across our react application.
  • Produce detailed accessibility improvement reports as well as fix some issues ourselves.
  • Pushing our project containing our automation framework & Suite to GitHub.
  • Setting up our local machine as a build agent in preparation to run our automation tests in CI.
  • Get our automation tests running on pull request and in CI (Continuous Integration)
  • Develop and grow your understanding of TypeScript across the entirety of the course.
  • Implement Advanced Object Orientated Design Patterns and Seperation of Concerns.

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