AWS Step Functions Guide - Workflow Automation in Minutes

AWS Step Functions Guide – Workflow Automation in Minutes

Add workflow automation in your apps with minimal to no code & Integrate with AWS Lambdas, SNS, API Gateway, DynamoDB

Created by Paulo Dichone | Software Engineer, AWS Cloud Practitioner & Instructor | 5 hours on-demand video course

AWS Step Functions is the best way to build distributed applications and automate business processes workflows visually! The great thing about Step Functions is that you don’t need to manage failures, retries, parallelization, and service integrations – all of that comes built-in with Step functions, so you can only focus on business logic.

In this course, you will dive right in and learn how to automate your workflows quickly and with minimal code using the Workflow Studio, a drag-and-drop UI with all the tools that allow you to create full-on orchestration in your workflows.

What you’ll learn

  • Use the AWS Step Functions to create full automation in your AWS applications
  • Use the AWS Step Functions to integrate with hundreds of AWS Services
  • Master AWS Step Functions and State Machine Fundamentals
  • Deploy three real-world workflow use-cases and see the power of Step Functions Automation and Orchestration

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