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Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer [2023 Updated]

Learn great alternative to Cypress & Playwright with Google’s Puppeteer + Headless Chrome & Cucumber

Created by Kaniel Outis | 14 hours on-demand video course

[UPDATED IN 2023] + New content is released every 2 – 3 weeks !

Are you looking to become an expert in web automation and testing? Look no further than our Automated Software Testing course on using Puppeteer, the non-Selenium framework developed by Google! This comprehensive Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer course is designed to be as practical as possible, with hands-on coding exercises that will have you building and testing web applications in no time.

In this Automated Software Testing with Puppeteer course, you will learn everything you need to know about Puppeteer, from installation and setup to advanced features and patterns. You’ll gain practical experience in web automation and elements interaction with Puppeteer’s powerful API, and practice various real-world end-to-end testing examples. You’ll also learn how to use the Builder Pattern framework, a unique and professional style of automation testing, to create your own automation framework using Jest and Puppeteer.

What you’ll learn

  • Master Fast and Reliable Automated Testing with Puppeteer and Headless Chrome
  • Learn Great Alternative to Playwright and Cypress or Selenium frameworks
  • Put your skills into practice with real-world end-to-end testing examples and challenging exercises
  • Build a robust automation framework using the best practices of the Page Objects Model
  • Learn how to use Puppeteer for REST API testing and web scraping, and expand your automation capabilities beyond web UI testing
  • Integrate your automation tests with CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, and streamline your testing process for faster and more efficient releases
  • Discover how to perform visual regression testing with Puppeteer and ensure your web applications look and perform as intended across different browsers
  • Get exclusive access to professional tips, tricks, and best practices from industry experts, and stay ahead of the curve with the latest automation techniques
  • Learn how to integrate Puppeteer with popular BDD frameworks like Cucumber and CodeceptJS, and take your test automation to the next level
  • Discover why Puppeteer is the next generation framework that surpasses Selenium and Cypress in terms of speed, reliability, and ease of use

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