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Assembly Language Programming for Reverse Engineering

Understand assembly code and modify exe files to add new functionality using x64dbg

Created by Paul Chin | 11.5 hours on-demand video course

If you have been using debuggers to reverse engineer programs but wished you had more understanding of Assembly Language, then this course is for you. We will cover enough assembly language to allow you to understand how to modify exe files to insert your own code or, to modify existing exe files to do things which it was not intended to do.

Traditionally, assembly language programming is taught using an assemblers like NASM or FASM. But learning it that way will not give you the skills to understand reverse engineered programs. There is a missing link (knowledge gap) of how to apply your assembly knowledge to modify programs. This course fills that knowledge gap.

Instead of using an assembler, we will directly use the x64dbg debugger to learn assembly language. That is right, we will write our own assembly code inside the x64dbg debugger itself. You will learn Assembly Language from the ground up with zero knowledge as a complete beginner.

What you’ll learn

  • Assembly Language Basics
  • Reverse Engineering
  • xdbg debugging basics
  • Modifying programs
  • Injecting code into exe files
  • Hollowing out an exe file
  • CPU registers
  • Basic Addition
  • INC, DEC, MUL and DIV instructions
  • Accessing main memory (RAM)
  • The Stack
  • Function Calls
  • Input and Output Functions
  • Code Caves
  • Functions that returns a value
  • The Flags Register
  • Jumps
  • Compare Instructions
  • Structured Programming
  • Signed Operations
  • and more

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