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Apache Kafka Series – Kafka Streams for Data Processing

Learn the Kafka Streams API with Hands-On Examples, Learn Exactly Once, Build and Deploy Apps with Java 8

Created by Stephane Mareek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate | 5 hours on-demand video course

The new volume in the Apache Kafka Series! Learn the Kafka Streams data processing library, for Apache Kafka. Join hundreds of knowledge savvy students into learning one of the most promising data processing library on Apache Kafka.

Kafka Streams is the easiest way to write your applications on top of Kafka:

  • Easiest way to transform your data using the High Level DSL
  • Exactly Once semantics support out of the box!
  • Deploy and Scale your Kafka Streams application without a cluster!
  • Perform Aggregations, joins, and any operations you may think of using only a few lines of code!
  • Built on top of Kafka, for fault tolerance, scalability and resiliency

What you’ll learn

  • Write four Kafka Streams application in Java 8
  • Configure Kafka Streams to use Exactly Once Semantics
  • Scale Kafka Streams applications
  • Program with the High Level DSL of Kafka Streams
  • Build and package your application
  • Write tests for your Kafka Streams Topology
  • And so much more!

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Invest in you. Future-ready skills start at $11.99