Apache Airflow | A Real-Time & Hands-On Course on Airflow Udemy Coupon

Apache Airflow | A Real-Time & Hands-On Course on Airflow

Learn A to Z of Apache Airflow from Basic to ADVANCE level, deploy workflows & data pipelines using Airflow with Docker

Created by A to Z Mentors | 6 hours on-demand video course

“Apache Airflow is a platform created by community to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.” Airflow is going to change the way of scheduling data pipelines and that is why it has become the Top-level project of Apache. In fact, it has already been adopted by mass companies.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Full In & out of Apache Airflow with proper HANDS-ON examples from scratch.
  • Start with the implementation of Airflow core nomenclature – DAG, Operators, Tasks, Executors, Cfg file, UI views etc.
  • ADVANCE Airflow concepts, the explanation to which is not very clear even in Airflow’s Official Documentation.
  • XComs, Hooks, Pools, SubDAGs, Variables, Connections, Plugins, Adhoc queries, Branching, Sensors and many more….
  • Exclusive features – Data Profiling, Charts, Trigger rules, airflowignore file, Zombies, Undeads, LatestOnly operator.
  • Create data pipeline of Real-Time case studies using Apache Airflow.
  • Learn Best practices / Do’s & Don’ts to follow in Real-Time Airflow Projects.
  • Codes and Data-sets are available in resources tab.

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