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Android App Hacking – Black Belt Edition

Becoming the lead expert in android app security

Created by Roman Stuehler | 51 hours on-demand video course

In this course you will learn absolutely everything about android app hacking. This course teaches you the ethical principles and enables you to become the top expert of your company regarding to app security. We learn really complex attacks in the most funny way that’s possible, by hacking a mobile game.

Legal note:

The game we are going to hack is licensed under the GNU GPL, which means, we are allowed to perform such modifications. Hacking apps without having the permission of the author is strongly forbidden! The things you learn are related to security research. I am teaching you all of this in a legal and ethical way.

What you’ll learn

  • Deep understanding of the android app structure
  • How to exploit Activities, BroadcastReceiver and ContentProvider (SQL injection & Path Traversal)
  • Bypassing Rooting Detection (SMALI and FRIDA)
  • Bypassing Certificate Pinning (SMALI and FRIDA)
  • Performing a man-in-the-middle attack
  • Analyzing-/ Manipulating the network traffic of a mobile app
  • Creating call- and flow graphs to reverse engineer strong obfuscated apps
  • Manipulating Java and C/C++ methods (FRIDA & SMALI)
  • Reading- / Writing SMALI code
  • Injecting own (custom) code into existing applications
  • Deep understanding of the android permission model
  • Modifying games (infinite lives, high score, invisble, invincible) – Writing a trainer
  • Analzying bluetooth low energy connections
  • Dealing with different encryption types (e.g. AES)
  • Ethical and legal principles

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