The Complete WSL 2 Course for Web Development & Hacking Udemy coupons

The Complete WSL 2 Course for Web Development & Hacking

Become a better Web Developer & Hacker by utilizing the best tools available today. No more messing around with VM’s!

Created by Stefan Rosanitsch | 6 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to the Complete WSL 2 Course for Web Development & Hacking. Web Developers and Hackers share very similar requirements when it comes to working with Linux. There are usually two camps: those who use macOS, and those who don’t. Those who don’t use macOS usually end up being utterly confused by the vast landscape of Linux distributions out there and get tripped up by complicated setups of installing Linux as a Virtual Machine, or even worse, Dual-Booting Linux and Windows

What you’ll learn

  • Build a lightning fast & reliable Programming / Web Development environment on Windows(10 & 11) using WSL 2!
  • Become a more productive Ethical Hacker & Bug Bounty Hunter by leveraging the power of Linux on Windows
  • You’ll learn all the Linux Basics you’ll ever need for Web Development & Ethical Hacking
  • No more need for installing Virtual Machines or messing around with Virtual Box or VMware
  • Install Ubuntu or Kali Linux on WSL 2 for Web Development or Ethical Hacking
  • Set up a Custom Terminal using Windows Terminal
  • Customize Windows Terminal to fit your needs
  • Turbo-Charge your WSL 2 with ZSH and Custom Themes
  • Speed up your Web Development and Hacking workflow with ZSH Autosuggestions and Syntax Highlighting
  • Create your very own Web Development workflow with WSL 2 and create new projects in seconds!
  • Fully integrate VSCode into WSL 2 for super-fast development
  • Install Python3 & Pipenv on WSL 2
  • Install Node, NPM and Node Version Management on WSL 2
  • Configure GIT on WSL 2
  • Increase your Productivity by using Windows PowerToys Fancy Zones
  • Utilize WSL 2 for Ethical Hacking & Bug Bounties
  • Install tools like MetaSploit or other popular Bug Bounty Tools.
  • Access WSL 2 Folders from Windows and vice Versa

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