3D Female Armored Assassin in Blender course Udemy Coupon

3D Female Armored Assassin in Blender course

Complex character creation in Blender for 3D print, render or game

Created by NIkolay Naydenov | 28.5 hours on-demand video course

In this course we will make this 3D Female Armored Assassin from zero, only in Blender. The main purpose of this character is to be 3D printed or rendered, but the same techniques can be used to create 3D characters for games. We will start by making the head, as always, a basic hair and then the body, with me giving some anatomical tips while sculpting.

Following will be the arms, hands and legs where we will also talk about forms, shapes and anatomy. Next we will do something extraordinary by making all the armors from single meshes, which i call 3D cketching, so we can better understand and translate the 2D forms from the concept to 3D.

When we finish all 3D sketches of the armors, we will start making the real armor meshes, by retopologizing the 3D sketches. It will be long and painful process, but at the end it will be worth the effort!

After every gold stripe and armor piece is ready, we can get to making the pose, we will do that by posing only the body, and then we will add and adjust all the armors and stripes after we are happy with the pose. When that super relaxing and fun process is over, we can finish the hair with the curves, and do lights setup and materials to render our model.

What you’ll learn

  • Modelling an armored female 3D character in Blender
  • Sculpting, modelling
  • Female body anatomy
  • Armor and stylized hair making

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