Zbrush 2022 Hard Surface Sculpting for Beginners Udemy coupons

Zbrush 2022 Hard Surface Sculpting for Beginners

Be able to model and sculpt all sorts of hard surface props using Zbrush 2022.

Created by Nexttut Education Pvt.Ltd | 9.5 hours on-demand video course

Do you want to learn the tools and secrets to create hard surface models inside of Zbrush? Would you like to model guns, props and armor? If that is the case then I welcome you to Nexttuts Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques for Beginners. We will first learn about the most common techniques and we will then go over 5 different projects for you to follow along. This projects are designed to teach you the tools and workflow necessary to create amazing art. We will model simple objects like a pokeball, and then move on to more complicated assets such as a revolver, a knife, fantasy armor and Sci Fi Armor.


  • Modelling with Zmodeler
  • LiveBooleans Workflow
  • Polygroups and its uses
  • Mesh Generation Tecniques
  • Bevel Pro and Knife Brushes
  • Retopology and Decimation
  • Revolver Modelling
  • Knife Modelling
  • Sci-fi Armor Modelling
  • Fantasy Armor Modelling

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