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Web Automation Testing with Katalon Studio

Start here your test automation journey. Master web testing with Katalon Studio and real-world cases, all without coding

Created by Test Automation Camp, Sónia Silva, Antoine Craske, António Pestana | 43 mins on-demand video course

Web Automation Testing. Learn to automate web applications with ease using the powerful Katalon Studio tool. This course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of web automation testing, with a focus on using the Katalon Studio tool, one of the most used solutions in the testing world. You’ll learn how to create web test cases, execute them, and analyze the results, all while using real-world examples and hands-on exercises.

In this Web Automation Testing with Katalon Studio course, you will learn web automation testing using Katalon Studio. However, the concepts covered in the course go way beyond just using this particular tool. The skills and knowledge gained will equip you with a strong foundation for a successful web testing career, regardless of the tools you may use in the future.

What you’ll learn

  • Why we need tools for test automation
  • Install the Katalon Studio IDE
  • Implement your first automated test
  • Understand the key Selenium products
  • Become familiar with web selectors, actions and controls
  • Get to know the test objects usage in test automation
  • Know how to structure a reliable test automation suite
  • How to reuse objects across your tests
  • Execute a test across several test environments and in parallel
  • Use standard test reports to support debug and share the results of your tests
  • Design tests to handle the standard exceptions
  • Handle advanced test automation use-cases with login and payment

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