Ultimate Stable Diffusion AI art Course (beginner to pro) Udemy Coupon

Ultimate Stable Diffusion AI art Course (beginner to pro)

Learn prompt, control character pose and lighting, train your own model, ChatGPT and more with Stable Diffusion!

Created by Chris White | 3.5 hours on-demand video course

welcome to our Ultimate Stable Diffusion AI art Course. This is a comprehensive, beginner-to-expert course focused on StableDiffusion. Whether you’ve had experience with AI image generation or used any AI image generation tools before, you can easily learn from this course.

I’ll teach you how to use Google Colab to generate Stable Diffusion images. We’ll explore a crucial concept—prompt, what it is, how it’s structured, and how to create a good prompt. We’ll start with the basics of prompt and progress to advanced prompts, learning about lighting, rendering, and special prompt techniques. Next, we’ll dive into what StableDiffusion is and how to deploy it locally, learning about its features and some incredibly useful extension modules. We’ll also learn how to use third-party models and train your own model. You’ll be able to create characters in any pose, add realistic and adjustable lighting, create your own fashion models and swap their outfits, transform ordinary street scenes into cyberpunk-style artwork, generate exquisite interior designs from an empty room, and use ChatGPT to help us create high-quality prompts, among many other valuable skills. By the end of this course, and with the proficient application of the techniques taught, you’ll confidently create almost any artwork you can imagine and apply them to your projects.

What you’ll learn

  • A systematic course to teach you how to write professional prompts and master the fundamentals of AI painting
  • Acquire all the relevant skills to become an AI artist
  • Control your character’s pose, swap outfits, adjust lighting direction, and everything in your scene
  • Transform ordinary streetscapes into cyberpunk masterpieces
  • Create refined interior designs from simple sketches
  • Train your own model
  • Use ChatGPT to work for you and greatly improve work efficiency

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