Ubuntu Linux Fundamentals - Learn Linux Server with Ubuntu Udemy coupons

Ubuntu Linux Fundamentals – Learn Linux Server with Ubuntu

Gain essential skills with Ubuntu Linux Server in this Beginner’s course.

Created by Ted LeRoy | 9.5 hours on-demand video course

Ubuntu Linux is consistently among the top 5 Linux Desktop and Server distributions. Learn the basics of Linux Command Line and Server Administration in this course. Updated for Ubuntu 18.04, the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version. If you understand Linux, you understand the operating system that powers much of the Internet. This beginner level course will take you from knowing nothing about Linux to competency.

Along with System Administrators wanting to integrate Linux where it is appropriate within their environments, this course has proven useful to developers learning or working with Python, JavaScript, Web Development (HTML, CSS), Machine Learning, Java, MySQL, WordPress, Node.js, Amazon AWS, PHP, Docker, and to aspiring Ethical Hackers, Cyber Security, and DevOps to name a few.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn what Linux is
  • Linux distributions or “distros”
  • Ubuntu Linux history and how Ubuntu is differs from other distros
  • Installing Linux
  • Installing and using VirtualBox
  • Working at the command line
  • Adding and removing packages with apt
  • Configuring remote access
  • Securing remote access
  • Using remote access clients for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux
  • Adding a non-root user and giving it sudo (root) permissions
  • Why you should use caution when working as root
  • Versioning configuration changes
  • Using the help systems available
  • Working with files
  • File permissions
  • Linking to files, sym or soft links, hard links, and inodes
  • Managing your server, ps, top, htop, nmon, df, free
  • Scheduling tasks with cron
  • Securing your server, ufw, apt update and upgrade
  • Stopping bad guys with Fail2ban
  • How to edit text files with two popular editors, vim and nano
  • Why you should save copies of system files before editing them, and how to do it
  • Installing and securing nginx web server

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