TypeScript Developer Course in 2023 – Beginner to Expert Udemy Coupon

TypeScript Developer Course in 2023 – Beginner to Expert

Learn TypeScript, leverage its Power to Create Production-Grade Web Applications and Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Created by Muslim Helalee | 21 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to a Real-World TypeScript course! I am extremely excited to present to you a complete guide to TypeScript. This course covers TypeScript from the ground up and covers all the little and complicated details of TypeScript.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and makes writing JavaScript easier and more maintainable while keeping the code less bug prone. TypeScript introduces types, among other modern features, into the world of JavaScript and compiles to JavaScript before being used in production environments. One of the main issues with JavaScript that TypeScript solves is that the errors are going to be detected in the development environment, unlike JavaScript, which significantly improves performance and reduces time spent debugging applications.

TypeScript has seen a surge in popularity during the recent years and has become an integral part of frontend and backend web development. It is worth mentioning that TypeScript seamlessly integrates with modern web frameworks such as Angular, Vue and libraries such as React. TypeScript can also be integrated with JavaScript runtimes to create backend web applications.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn and understand what TypeScript is and why TypeScript is so Popular
  • Solve Challenges to Solidify Beginner to Advanced TypeScript Concepts
  • Learn All the Advanced Features of TypeScript
  • Learn How TypeScript Leverages Modern JavaScript
  • Understand TypeScript Documentation and Source Code by Learning Advanced Types such as Type
  • Queries, Conditional Types, Utility Types & Mapped Types
  • Learn to Create TypeScript Modules and Master Modern Techniques
  • Understand & Write Custom TypeScript Declaration Files
  • Single-File Compilation with Webpack

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