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TypeScript Design Patterns And SOLID Principles

Complete Guide to Gang Of Four Design Patterns, SOLID Principles and Object Oriented Programming Using TypeScript.

Created by Manik (Cloudaflle) | 17 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to this one-of-a-kind course specifically designed to transform your TypeScript programming skills by diving deep into the world of Gang Of Four Design Patterns, SOLID Design principles, and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts. Are you an aspiring or intermediate programmer looking to level up your game? Or are you an advanced programmer and need a refresher on the Gang Of Four Design Patterns and SOLID Design Principles? Do you have a grasp of TypeScript and now want to focus on architectural excellence and code reusability? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

This TypeScript Design Patterns And SOLID Principles course isn’t just another tutorial; it’s your passport to becoming an advanced TypeScript developer. Throughout more than 140 high-definition videos, totaling over 10 hours of content, we’ll delve into the nuances of effective software design and programming. We go beyond theory by providing practical, hands-on coding exercises and quizzes that reinforce your learning and provide the skills you need for the real world. With this course, you don’t just learn; you practice, implement, and master the art of writing clean, efficient, and robust TypeScript code using the SOLID Design Principles and Gang Of For Design Patterns using TypeScript.

What you’ll learn

  • Master Gang of Four design patterns in TypeScript to write scalable and maintainable code for real-world applications.
  • Gain in-depth understanding of SOLID principles to develop clean, modular, and robust TypeScript code for better software design.
  • Creational Design Patterns including Singleton, Factory Method, Abstract Factory, Builder, and
  • Prototype to effectively manage object creation in TypeScript.
  • Gain expertise in Structural Design Patterns like Adapter, Bridge, Composite, Decorator and Facade to optimize your code.
  • Behavioral Design Patterns including Observer, Strategy, Command, Iterator, State, Chain of Responsibility, and Visitor to enhance code flexibility.
  • Grasp essential Object-Oriented Programming concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, and abstraction to write clean, modular TypeScript code.
  • Apply your knowledge through comprehensive real-world examples, solidifying your grasp on design patterns and OOP concepts in practical TypeScript projects.

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