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TypeScript Complete Course – Beginner To Advanced + Project

Learn TypeScript in-depth and also build a full-stack app using TypeScript with React, Material UI, Node and TypeORM.

Created by Manik Bajaj | 19.5 hours on-demand video course

The only complete TypeScript course on the marketplace to get you building TypeScript apps like a pro. This is the only complete course about TypeScript on the marketplace. Apart from giving you complete and in-depth knowledge about TypeScript, I also teach you how to use TypeScript in conjunction with other technologies such as ReactJS, Material UI, Tanstack Query/ React Query, NodeJs, Express, TypeORM, and MySQL. This is important because while developing a project, in most cases, you would not be using TypeScript in isolation.

This course contains 240+ Videos which in total contain more than 19 hours of content. I teach you the latest features of TypeScript in a very practical manner providing you with the in-depth knowledge you need to master TypeScript.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn TypeScript from scratch starting with the basic type safety and types offered by TypeScript to advanced OOP features.
  • Deep dive into Object Oriented Programming features offered by TypeScript. Includes lectures about classes, abstract classes, access modifiers and interfaces.
  • Understand advanced TypeScript features such as Generics, Decorators, Totality, Type Widening, Mapped Types, Conditional Types and so on.
  • Create a full stack application using TypeScript and learn how to use TypeScript with technologies like React, Material UI, Tanstack Query, NodeJs, TypeORM
  • Use TypeScript with front-end frameworks like React JS, Tanstack/React Query, Context API and Material UI
  • Use TypeScript for back-end development using NodeJS, Express, TypeORM and MySQL

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