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TOTAL Python: Become an Advanced Python Developer in 16 days

One REAL Python project per day. From ZERO to Facial Recognition. Machine Learning, Data Science, Django, IGU, Games+

Created by Federico Garay, Phil Ebiner, Video School, Escuela Directa | 26 hours on-demand video course

Learn PYTHON in 16 days. Our intensive program was designed for you to learn and practice, in a 16-day study schedule: Each day you will create a real and complete program using Python, Each new concept includes a downloadable PDF so you have everything at hand, Each video has a theoretical introduction and a practical real world demonstration, Each lesson comes with 3 coding exercises for you to practice what you have learned, Each topic ends with a quiz to reinforce what you’ve learned

Your Python learning path is divided into 3 parts: Day 1 to Day 6 = Basic Python training. Learn the fundamental concepts of Python to become a robust programmer with a firm foundation. Day 7 to day 9 = Advanced Python Phase. Enter Object Oriented Programming (OOP), to create agile, robust, efficient, repeatable, and maintainable programs. Day 10 onwards: Evolve to Python Expert. You are already an advanced Python programmer, and the time has come to learn about its main real-world applications.

What you’ll learn

  • You will master professional Python programming
  • You will create robust, advanced and useful programmes
  • You will work on real-world programmes every day. Each section ends with a project that you can complete using what you have learnt during the day
  • You will apply Python in applications such as: Games, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Administrative Management and much more
  • Understand Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • You will learn the most complex topics with clarity

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