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The Ultimate R Programming & Machine Learning Course

Learn how to use R & machine learning to create data structures and perform extensive statistical data analysis.

Created by Jason Robinson | 10 hours on-demand video course

R language is a high-level functional language and one of the must-know tools for data science and statistics. This solution-based course will be your guide, taking you through different programming aspects with R. You’ll start by understanding how to set up R and R Studio, followed by exploring R packages, functions, data structures, control flow, and loops.

Powerful but complex, R can be challenging for beginners and those unfamiliar with its unique behaviors. This course focused on R and the R ecosystem, introduces you to the tools for working with data. It is the solution – an easy and practical way to learn R and develop a broad and consistent understanding of the language. Through hands-on examples you’ll discover powerful R tools, and R best practices that will give you a deeper understanding of working with data. You’ll get to grips with R’s data structures and data processing techniques, as well as the most popular R packages to boost your productivity from the offset.

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to R & R console
  • Building Blocks in R language
  • Install and Load Packages with R studio
  • Understanding R variables
  • Different data types in R
  • Mastering prediction and model assessment
  • Understanding and apply machine learning methods using an extensive set of R packages
  • Gaining deep insights into the application of machine learning tools in the industry
  • Implementing advanced concepts in machine learning
  • Manipulating data in R efficiently to prepare it for analysis
  • Understanding how working with complex data is different to standard numerical work
  • Understanding why and how to create test and training data sets for analysis

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