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The Data Strategy Course: Building a Data-driven Business

A Practical Guide to Intelligent Business Performance: Learn How to Position Your Business for Success Leveraging Data

Created by 365 Careers, Bernard Marr | 4.5 hours on-demand video course

Are you interested in learning how data can help a business thrive and prosper in 2021? Do you want to be able to leverage the value of your business data? If so, then this is the perfect course for you! The hype around data science, analytics and business intelligence is at its peak. Almost all companies are aware that data can help them improve their performance in some way, shape, or form. However, the majority of business executives commit the same crucial mistake

What you’ll learn

  • How to profit from a world of big data, analytics, and AI
  • How to use data to improve business decisions
  • Understand your customers and markets
  • Provide more intelligent data-driven services
  • Learn how to build more intelligent products
  • Put your business in a position to be able to monetize its data
  • Define relevant data use cases for your industry
  • Learn how to source and collect data
  • Understand the importance of data governance, ethics and trust
  • Be able to turn data into insights
  • Know how to collect, process, and store data
  • Improve your data communication skills
  • Build the necessary data competencies in your firm
  • Execute your data strategy
  • Ask clear Key Business Questions (KBQs)
  • Be able to distinguish the fundamental types of data analysis techniques
  • Learn how to design a KPI dashboard
  • Gain an idea which are the most valuable skills for data scientists and data analysts
  • Understand which data strategies fail
  • Acquire a ‘use data for good’ perspective

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