The C++ 20 Masterclass From Fundamentals to Advanced

The C++ 20 Masterclass : From Fundamentals to Advanced

Learn and Master Modern C++ From Beginning to Advanced in Plain English : C++11 all the way to C++20 and More!

Created by Daniel Gakwaya | 109.5 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to the C++ 20 Masterclass! A course designed to teach you cutting edge modern C++ from the absolute beginning all the way to very advanced topics, the topics you need in areas where C++ is used massively in modern times. Want to be a confident game developer? High performance applications in the financial sector, how about powerful software modules on top of which server systems, network infrastructure, database systems, even operating systems themselves run on top of? Well C++ is the dominant language used in these areas and many more! C++ is the programming language even other programming languages and technologies like NodeJS, PHP, Java, JavaScript and many more are written in.

What you’ll learn

  • variables and data types
  • C++ 20
  • Operator Overlading
  • Stl containers, iterators and algorithms
  • Function like entities and callbacks
  • Lambda expressions
  • Character manipulation and strings
  • Return value optimization
  • C++ 11
  • C++ 14
  • C++ 17
  • C++ 20
  • And much more!

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