The Comprehensive 101 of Blockchain and Web3 Udemy Coupon

The Comprehensive 101 of Blockchain and Web3

The course provides the essential theoretical frameworks and practical application of blockchain technology and web 3.

Created by W3OLABS | 4.5 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to the ultimate beginner’s guide to blockchain and Web 3.0. This comprehensive Udemy course is designed to demystify the world of blockchain and empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to dive into the exciting realms of decentralised technology.

Module 1 lays the foundation by exploring the fundamental principles of blockchain technology. You’ll learn about the architecture of a blockchain, consensus mechanisms, and the role of cryptography in ensuring security and immutability. Understanding these core concepts is crucial for grasping the potential and challenges of blockchain.

Module 2 delves into the heart of Web 3.0 with a focus on smart contracts. Discover how smart contracts work, their applications, and how they enable the creation of decentralised applications (DApps) on the blockchain. By the end of this module, you’ll understand the power of programmable, self-executing contracts.

In Module 3, we introduce you to the theory behind building simple blockchain applications. Explore real-world use cases, learn about tokenisation, and explore the potential of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies. We’ll provide additional resources such as links to further reading and videos to deepen your understanding.

Module 4 takes you from theory to practice with a hands-on task of building a simple blockchain application. Guided by expert instructors, you’ll gain invaluable experience by working on a practical project.

Module 5 raises the bar with advanced blockchain application development. Through another practical task, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle more complex projects. The light theory woven into this module will refine your understanding and solidify your grasp of blockchain and Web 3.0.

Our course caters to learners with various backgrounds. Complete beginners will find it easy to follow, with clear explanations and examples. If you have a coding background, this course provides a perfect entry point into blockchain development. Advanced learners can use it to revisit the first principles and fill any knowledge gaps.

Throughout the course, we’ll supplement your learning with additional resources such as links to further reading, videos, and diagrams, enriching your journey towards becoming a blockchain and Web 3.0 expert.

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamental Blockchain Principles
  • Fundamental Smart-Contract Principles
  • Building Simple Blockchain Applications (Practical Example: Power Game)
  • Advanced Blockchain Application Techniques (Use Cases, Practical Examples)

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