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The Complete OPENAI JS APIs Course – Build 15 Projects

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The Complete OPENAI JS APIs Course - Build 15 Projects Udemy Coupon

The Complete OPENAI JS APIs Course – Build 15 Projects

Recorded with the latest GPT-4 features! Master the Completion API, ChatGPT API, Embeddings, DALL-E, Whisper & more!

Created by Development Island (UK) | 14 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to the ultimate journey into the world of OPENAI’s JavaScript API! If you’re ready to dive into the most comprehensive online course available, look no further. This meticulously crafted curriculum is designed to empower you with a deep and versatile understanding of OPENAI models, from completion and chat APIs to embeddings, DALLE, and whisper.

This The Complete OPENAI JS APIs Course stands out as the gold standard for mastering the OPENAI JavaScript API. You’ll explore the cutting-edge models, techniques, and applications that are transforming the field of AI. The The Complete OPENAI JS APIs Course hands-on approach ensures that you not only grasp theoretical concepts but also apply them to 15 exciting and practical projects that showcase your newfound skills.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the latest GPT-4 features including “Function Calling” released by OPENAI in June 2023.
  • Develop a deep and versatile understanding of OPENAI’s APIs: Completion API, ChatGPT API, Embeddings, DALL-E & Whisper.
  • Dive into landmark models like ChatGPT, uncovering their architecture, encoding process, and training methods, empowering you with in-depth knowledge.
  • Master Prompt Engineering and acquire skills to craft effective prompts generating desired responses.
  • Utilise text embeddings to calculate similarity between text pieces, create a personalised book recommendation App, and analyse textual relationships.
  • Immerse yourself in 15 hands-on projects, each designed to showcase your expertise and innovation with real-world applications.
  • Project 1: Construct an app that takes text inputs and intelligently completes them using the OPENAI completion API, unlocking seamless content generation.
  • Project 2: Develop an application that employs stream technology to display API responses in chunks, resulting in faster and more responsive user interactions.
  • Project 3: Build a powerful tool that allows users to upload PDF documents and receive concise summaries based on specified word counts.
  • Project 4: Design an innovative app where users can inquire about real-time weather updates using natural language queries, receiving user-friendly responses.
  • Project 5: Create an app that enables users to engage in dynamic conversations with iconic personalities like Einstein or Bill Gates.
  • Project 6: Build a utility that calculates similarity between any two text inputs, providing valuable insights into the relationships between textual content.
  • Project 7: Build an intelligent recommendation engine that suggests books based on user inputs, utilising large datasets and embedding technology.
  • Project 8: Create a “Chat with any PDF” App that allows users to interact with uploaded documents through chat, extracting informative responses.
  • Project 9: Utilize DALLE’s capabilities to generate captivating images based on text inputs, complete with the functionality to save your creative outputs.
  • Project 10: Develop an innovative image editing app where users can upload images, apply masks, and manipulate visuals using text-based commands.
  • Project 11: Extend DALLE’s potential to create an app that generates diverse variations of uploaded images, offering users a spectrum of creative possibilities.
  • Project 12: Craft an application that allows users to upload audio files and receive accurate transcriptions, making audio content accessible and searchable.
  • Project 13: Build an app capable of translating audio files from languages other than English into English, facilitating seamless cross-lingual communication.
  • Project 14: Develop an application that transcribes user speech in various languages, offering a versatile speech-to-text solution.
  • Project 15: Build a cutting-edge app that translates spoken language into English in real-time, breaking down language barriers for fluid communication.

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