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Spring WebFlux Masterclass: Reactive Microservices

Unlock the Power of Reactive Programming with Spring WebFlux to Develop Scalable and Efficient Microservices

Created by Vinoth Selvaraj | 10 hours on-demand video course

In this comprehensive course, you will dive into the world of Spring WebFlux and learn how to harness its power to build reactive and high-performance microservices. Spring WebFlux offers a non-blocking and event-driven approach that outperforms traditional Spring Web MVC. Through practical examples and hands-on exercises, you will gain the skills and knowledge to develop RESTful APIs, handle exceptions, work with query parameters, leverage functional endpoints, integrate with MongoDB using Spring Data Reactive, utilize Spring Data R2DBC for reactive relational databases, make non-blocking HTTP requests with WebClient, implement server-sent events for real-time updates, and handle blocking drivers/APIs seamlessly in your WebFlux applications.

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the tools and techniques to build resilient and efficient microservices using Spring WebFlux. Join this course to master Spring WebFlux and unlock the potential of reactive programming for developing highly performant and scalable microservices. Gain the skills necessary to build resilient, efficient, and real-time applications using Spring WebFlux’s non-blocking and event-driven architecture.

What you’ll learn

  • Spring WebFlux
  • Reactive Microservices
  • Spring Data Reactive MongoDB
  • Spring Data R2DBC
  • Server Sent Events
  • 3 Microservices Development From Scratch
  • WebClient
  • Functional Endpoints

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