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Selenium Java Test Framework & Best Practices – Masterclass

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Selenium Java Test Framework & Best Practices - Masterclass Udemy coupons

Selenium Java Test Framework & Best Practices – Masterclass

Learn Page Object Model with 50+ Industry Best Practices, Design Patterns, API Integration, OOP, SRP, DRY & Many Tips

Created by Omprakash Chavan | 20 hours on-demand video course

This is what most of us do when we first start with developing Selenium Java Test automation frameworks. Then I’ll make you unlearn all these bad practices step-by-step by implementing many of the industry best practices using LIVE coding. I’ll not only explain you the “what”, but also the “why” and “how” while explaining each and every concept. By the end of this course, you are surely going to be confident enough to build Selenium Java Test Framework from scratch for any live website. You are going to think like an automation lead, plan and design the automation framework, write optimized and clean code and follow good programming and automation practices.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop Page Object Model frameworks from scratch for any Live website
  • 50+ Industry best practices to follow for framework development
  • Learn to develop Readable, Maintainable and Scalable frameworks from scratch
  • Bad practices to avoid during framework development
  • Easily integrate APIs using REST Assured to skip login through UI [Selenium recommendation]
  • Use APIs to setup test data [Selenium Recommendation]
  • Learn how to easily write Atomic and Independent tests [Selenium Recommendation]
  • Learn how to setup application state for tests [Selenium Recommendation]
  • Learn to implement Parallel execution using TestNG, Maven and JUnit
  • How to easily configure and drive automation frameworks using TestNG, JUnit and Maven
  • Factory Design Pattern – Using Interface and Abstract class
  • Singleton Design Pattern
  • Learn how to follow the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)
  • Learn how to follow the Do Not Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle
  • When and how to use OOP concepts in frameworks [Inheritance, Interface, Encapsulation, Polymorphism]
  • Learn how to reuse Page Objects using Composition
  • Learn about Fluent Interface and Builder design in Page Objects
  • Manage test data as Java Objects using POJOs
  • Synchronization [Wait] best practices
  • How to easily handle Stale Element and Element Click Intercepted exceptions
  • How to effectively use TestNG Data providers to drive test variations
  • How to go about efficiently supporting multiple browsers and Environments
  • Automated WebDriver management
  • Learn Allure Reporting and generate feature rich reports
  • Learn how to integrate the framework with GitHub
  • Learn how to auto-trigger automation from Jenkins using GitHub Web Hooks, SCM Polling and Build Frequency

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