ROBLOX Studio 2023: Intermediate Lua Luau Scripting Udemy Coupon

ROBLOX Studio 2023: Intermediate Lua / Luau Scripting

Grow & expand your knowledge of Luau scripting & learn to use Object-Oriented Programming to create more complex games!

Created by Mr. Fire | 23.5 hours on-demand video course

ROBLOX game development can be highly rewarding, as over $500 MILLION dollars (USD) have been paid out to creators and developers in 2021. This ROBLOX Studio 2023: Intermediate Lua / Luau Scripting course will first overview the purpose of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and how we can use it in Studio. We’ll learn about the five main concepts of OOP, and afterward, we hop into Studio and use OOP and module scripts to practice creating things such as landmines, gas clouds, our own admin system, and even an SCP from the SCPF Wiki.

Later in the course, we’ll create a story-driven horror game together and also dive into how to use the TeleportService to move players between servers, award badges using the BadgeService, listen to actions with the ContextActionService, create an AI that hunts down players, use the MarketplaceService to handle developer products, and create a starting menu to give your players the ability to create servers for their friends to join.

In this final project, we also learn how to professionally structure and organize the scripts in our game to make it easily scalable and readable for future programmers. This is an essential skill to have for large projects as you learn how to improve and reduce the coupling in your code! Gone are the days of confusing and low-cohesion code!

What you’ll learn

  • Become competent in intermediate programming topics
  • Understand Object-Oriented Programming
  • Learn how to structure & organize the scripts in your games
  • Learn how to use Type Annotation
  • Expand our knowledge on the use of Module Scripts
  • Learn how to process developer product purchases
  • Learn to create AI using the Pathfinding Service

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