Python for Maya: Beginner to Advanced Rigging Automation Udemy Coupon

Python for Maya: Beginner to Advanced Rigging Automation

Master Python in Maya: Automation Techniques, Best Practices, Testing Methods, and all with Highly Efficient Code.

Created by Nick Hughes | 24.5 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to my course! ‘Python for Maya: Beginner to Advanced Rigging Automation’

This course is your gateway to mastering Python scripting for Maya, providing an array of skills that will enable you to work faster and smarter, automating tasks that give you more time to engage in the work you love. These skills also add significant value to your employability, helping you progress in your career.

Regardless of your experience with Python, this course offers something for everyone. From beginners to experienced coders, you will journey from basic Python syntax and Maya fundamentals to advanced Python methodologies for automating Maya rigging.

What you’ll learn

  • Master the creation of high-level, functional Python tools using Python 2 and 3 for Maya to enhance your 3D animation projects
  • Unlock Python’s power: build robust libraries, streamline code structure and boost code quality & maintainability.
  • Harness Python to build a robust testing suite for Maya tools and scripts
  • Optimise Python with Maya for clear, well-documented code
  • Develop your Python and Maya skills in PyCharm, using Maya’s commands in an advanced IDE, enhancing your development efficiency and expanding your toolset
  • Acquire industry-ready skills essential for any animation or game development studio

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