Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT 4 & Midjourney 1000+ prompts Udemy Coupon

Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT 4 & Midjourney 2000+ prompts

Create 10 Projects with ChatGPT4 & Midjourney V5 | Prompt Engineering, Generative AI, Chat GPT Productivity, AI Business

Created by Saad A | 12 hours on-demand video course

Embark on an exciting journey to acquaint yourself with ChatGPT 4, the latest and most powerful version of the language model that is revolutionizing the way we create and interact with content. In this comprehensive introductory module, you’ll learn about the incredible features ChatGPT 4 has to offer, from generating creative content and answering questions to simulating human-like conversations. To help you get the most out of this cutting-edge AI, the course will walk you through the fundamentals of drafting effective prompts, which are the key to unlocking the full potential of ChatGPT. Additionally, you’ll master the art of creating follow-up prompts, ensuring seamless and coherent conversations or content pieces. By the end of this introductory section, you’ll be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the power of ChatGPT 4 for a variety of applications, both personal and professional.

What you’ll learn

  • Master prompt engineering with ChatGPT 4 & Midjourney for high-quality content creation
  • Understand AI tools’ impact on businesses to save time, money, and boost productivity
  • Apply and implement advanced SEO techniques by leveraging ChatGPT 4 for optimised blog posts and affiliate marketing
  • Create & sell AI-generated art on Etsy using Midjourney as Digital and Physical products by connecting with print-on-demand services
  • Build a startup using ChatGPT 4 including MVP code, business, operational and strategy plan and HR and Legal aspects of the business
  • Craft engaging email marketing campaigns with ChatGPT 4 for customer satisfaction, including operational, customer support and new letter emails
  • Enhance career development skills using ChatGPT 4 for resumes, cover letters, & interviews
  • Run result-driven social media campaigns leveraging ChatGPT 4 and Midjourney generated content
  • Design & publish your own colouring book on Etsy and Amazon using Midjourney images

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